Indulge in Sweet Delights: Discover Yukon’s Top Dessert Destinations!

Yukon, a territory in northwest Canada, is not only known for its stunning landscapes and rich history but also for its delectable desserts. For dessert lovers with a sweet tooth, Yukon is a dessert heaven waiting to be discovered. This article will take you on a dessert tasting adventure, recommending the top dessert spots in Yukon that you must visit. So, get ready, dessert enthusiasts and dessert connoisseurs, to indulge in the sweet delights of Yukon’s best dessert places!

1. Bean North Coffee Roasting Company

Located in Whitehorse, Bean North Coffee Roasting Company is a must-visit for its delicious desserts and ethically sourced coffee. Their dessert menu changes seasonally, ensuring fresh and unique offerings throughout the year. From their decadent chocolate brownies to their tangy lemon tarts, every dessert is a treat to the senses.

2. Alpine Bakery

Alpine Bakery, also in Whitehorse, is a haven for organic dessert lovers. They offer a wide range of mouth-watering desserts, including their famous sourdough cinnamon buns and vegan chocolate cake. Their commitment to using organic and locally sourced ingredients makes their desserts not only tasty but also healthy.

3. Baked Café & Bakery

Another top dessert spot in Whitehorse is Baked Café & Bakery. Known for their freshly baked goods and cozy atmosphere, this café is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Their must-try desserts include the butter tart and the espresso cheesecake.

4. Klondike Rib & Salmon BBQ

In Dawson City, Klondike Rib & Salmon BBQ is a must-visit. While they are famous for their BBQ, their dessert menu is equally impressive. The bumbleberry pie and bread pudding are highly recommended for those seeking a sweet end to their meal.

5. Belinda’s Confectionery

Belinda’s Confectionery in Watson Lake is a paradise for candy and chocolate lovers. From homemade fudge to a variety of candies, this confectionery shop offers a sweet treat for everyone.

Yukon Desserts: A Sweet Adventure

Exploring Yukon’s dessert destinations is a delightful adventure for the taste buds. Each of these top dessert spots offers a unique dessert tasting experience, making them the best dessert places in Yukon. Whether you’re a dessert enthusiast or a dessert connoisseur, these delicious desserts are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Bean North Coffee Roasting Company: Seasonal desserts and ethically sourced coffee
  • Alpine Bakery: Organic and locally sourced desserts
  • Baked Café & Bakery: Freshly baked goods in a cozy atmosphere
  • Klondike Rib & Salmon BBQ: Delicious desserts to complement their famous BBQ
  • Belinda’s Confectionery: A paradise for candy and chocolate lovers

So, embark on this sweet journey and discover the dessert heaven that is Yukon. Happy dessert tasting!

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