Discover the Crème de la Crust: The Top Pizza Restaurants in Prince Edward Island that Will Leave You Hungry for More!

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is not only famous for its stunning landscapes and rich history, but also for its culinary delights. Among these, pizza holds a special place. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the island’s pizza scene is something you don’t want to miss. Here are some of the best pizza restaurants in PEI that will leave you craving for more.

The Top Pizza Places in Prince Edward Island

From traditional Italian-style pizzas to unique local twists, PEI offers a wide range of pizza options. Here are some of the top pizza places that you must visit.

  • Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca
  • Located in Charlottetown, Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca is known for its authentic Neapolitan pizza. Their pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven, giving them a unique flavor that’s hard to resist. With a wide range of toppings and a great selection of wines, this place is a must-visit for pizza lovers.

  • Famous Peppers
  • Famous Peppers is a family-owned restaurant that offers a variety of pizzas made with fresh, local ingredients. Their menu includes traditional favorites as well as unique creations like the “Island Harvest” pizza, which features PEI potatoes and bacon.

  • Papa Joe’s
  • Papa Joe’s, located in the heart of Charlottetown, is another top pick for pizza in PEI. Their menu features a variety of pizzas, from classic Margherita to their signature “Papa Joe’s Special”. They also offer pizza delivery, making it a convenient option for those nights when you just want to stay in.

Best Pizza Delivery in Prince Edward Island

If you’re looking for pizza delivery in PEI, you’re in luck. Many of the island’s top pizza places offer delivery services. Here are a few recommendations.

  • Greco Pizza
  • Greco Pizza is a popular choice for pizza delivery in PEI. They offer a wide range of pizzas, from traditional favorites to unique creations like the “Donair Pizza”. With their fast and reliable delivery service, you can enjoy delicious pizza without leaving your home.

  • Pizza Delight
  • Pizza Delight is another great option for pizza delivery in PEI. They offer a variety of pizzas, including gluten-free options, and their delivery service is known for being fast and reliable.

Best Pizza in Canada: Prince Edward Island’s Contribution

When it comes to the best pizza in Canada, Prince Edward Island certainly holds its own. With its commitment to quality ingredients and authentic cooking methods, PEI’s pizza scene is a standout in the Canadian culinary landscape. Whether you’re a local looking for a new place to try, or a tourist searching for “pizza near me” during your PEI visit, these pizza recommendations are sure to satisfy your cravings.

So, the next time you’re in Prince Edward Island, make sure to check out these top pizza places. With their delicious offerings and excellent service, they’re sure to leave you hungry for more!

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