Discover the Best Ethnic Restaurants in Idaho: A Guide to Savoring the State’s Diverse Flavors and Cultures

Idaho may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of ethnic cuisine, but it’s actually home to a diverse range of international flavors. From Mexican to Thai, Indian to Ethiopian, there’s something for everyone in Idaho’s ethnic restaurant scene. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best ethnic restaurants in Idaho, so you can savor the state’s diverse flavors and cultures.


When it comes to Mexican food, Idaho has plenty of options. One of the best is Los Betos, a family-owned chain with locations throughout the state. Their burritos are legendary, and they also serve up tasty tacos, enchiladas, and more. Another great option is Casa Mexico in Boise, which offers authentic Mexican cuisine in a colorful and festive atmosphere.


If you’re in the mood for Thai food, head to Chiang Mai Thai in Coeur d’Alene. This cozy restaurant serves up delicious curries, stir-fries, and noodle dishes, all made with fresh ingredients and authentic Thai flavors. Another great option is Thai Basil in Boise, which offers a wide range of dishes from across Thailand, including spicy soups, crispy spring rolls, and fragrant stir-fries.


For Indian cuisine, look no further than Biryani House in Boise. This family-owned restaurant specializes in biryani, a fragrant rice dish that’s packed with spices and flavor. They also serve up delicious curries, tandoori dishes, and naan bread. Another great option is Taj Mahal in Idaho Falls, which offers a lunch buffet and a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.


If you’re looking for something a little different, try Enkutatash Ethiopian Restaurant in Boise. This cozy spot serves up traditional Ethiopian cuisine, including injera (a sourdough flatbread) and wot (a spicy stew). They also offer vegetarian and vegan options, as well as a coffee ceremony that’s not to be missed.


For sushi and other Japanese favorites, head to Shige Japanese Cuisine in Boise. This upscale restaurant offers a wide range of sushi rolls, as well as teriyaki dishes, tempura, and more. They also have a sake bar with a great selection of Japanese beers and spirits. Another great option is Yokozuna Teriyaki in Coeur d’Alene, which offers affordable and delicious Japanese cuisine in a casual setting.


If you’re in the mood for something truly international, head to The Basque Market in Boise. This unique spot offers a wide range of Basque specialties, including chorizo, paella, and pintxos (small bites). They also have a deli counter where you can pick up meats, cheeses, and other goodies to take home. Another great option is The Goodness Land in Meridian, which offers a wide range of international cuisine, including Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian dishes.

In conclusion, Idaho may not be known for its ethnic cuisine, but it’s definitely worth exploring. From Mexican to Thai, Indian to Ethiopian, there’s something for everyone in Idaho’s diverse restaurant scene. So next time you’re in the mood for something different, try one of these top ethnic eats in Idaho.

Discover the Best Ethnic Restaurants in Idaho: A Guide to Savoring the State's Diverse Flavors and Cultures

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