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There’s an old adage in the retail industry: The customer is always right. The Wagenbrenner Management’s philosophy is a slight modification of that saying: The customer is always serviced — serviced to the best of our ability as real estate marketing professionals.

The goal of every salesperson at the Wagenbrenner is to maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in the practice of marketing property for our clients, buyers and sellers alike.

At Wagenbrenner Management they care about out properties, owners, and renters. As a result they fix issues fast.

Maintenance Staff

Dedicated staff has over 25 years of experience of owning, managing, and brokering real estate in Columbus. This experience allows Wagenbrenner Management to make sound decisions when analyzing your property.


Taylor H.

Roni has been completely useless as a property manager, and after reading other reviews on google about how flexible she was letting others out of their leases, I am absolutely infuriated. We were going through the home buying process and hoping to break early, but were given horrible penalties and were not allowed to sublease per our rental agreement. I have tried to contact her about other issues which have gone ignored, and all of our emails we try to send bounce, and phone messages go completely ignored. I also had a parking pass break a while back and asked for a replacement that was never sent (again, the request was ignored). Well, my car got towed, and guess who had to pay the $160 to get it back? We were told by Gina that we would receive a refund, and that never happened. Don’t waste your time with Wagenbrenner. I can’t wait to be out of there in a month.

Jennifer S.

Wagenbrenner Development has been borderline incompetent in building our new home. We are in a preplanned development where they had already built several homes of our model Nonetheless, the issues cease to amaze me. We have been in our home 60 days and the list of issues continues to grow. Additionally, each time a repair is scheduled, it end up being more work.We have had 2 broken sinks since move in that are still not fixed. Everytime someone comes to fix them, it’s “not their job”. Our floors will need redone due to the paint spilled and sealed into them. Our bedroom and utility room doors don’t actually close so our dog can nudge them open. Our patio will need to be redone. There are countless areas where workers must have knocked the wall, Island, etc and then slobbed paint on to fix it. I could go on and on. I would not trust Wagenbrenner unless you have endless vacation days to waste while waiting for them to “fix” issues as well as endless patience.

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