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Tiki Town Adventure Golf, located in San Diego is the newest addition to to Belmont Park. This tropical themed 18-hole interactive course takes golfers indoors and outdoors on an island adventure with surprises around every turn. Golfers will travel through an abandoned village of lost temples, tiki idols, and an erupting volcano.

With it’s 18-holes, this San Diego miniature golf course is sure to entertain and is perfect for a family night, birthday parties, private parties, and other special events.


Priscilla C.

Came to Tiki Town Adventure Golf on a Sunday evening around 6:30pm. There was no line in the front ticket booth and it’s $10 per person which is pretty cheap and affordable for 18 holes and a whole lot of fun. You can also grab a score card if you want to keep track of your scores. It is very true that they don’t space the groups out and it’s basically a free for all. But you just got to make the most of it. If the next hole is not empty and there’s not line behind you, just keep playing your current hole. (Then you don’t have to spend time waiting for the group ahead to finish). That’s exactly what we did, and it was very enjoyable. When a group was coming close to us/ when we felt rushed, we just went back to an empty hole and waited until the hole we wanted was free with no lines. I feel like this is only doable when it’s not too busy and if your group is fine with re-playing the holes. We actually ended up having more fun doing this, since we were always playing and not waiting!! The course starts off outdoors and then moves indoors/ undercover and ends outdoors again close to the entrance with the volcano.  It took us about an hour and 10 mins to complete the all 18 holes (because we went back to re-do holes/ tried to get a better score). I would highly recommend coming here for a date night, friends outing or even just taking older children here since it’s fun and interactive!

Bora B.

It’s great to have a mini golf course right in Belmont Park, steps from the beach. It’s very affordable at 10 dollars per play, and the tiki theme is cute and consistent. That being said, as other reviewers mentioned, they don’t do anything to help space groups out so you may be trailing a chain of like 5 groups waiting on the next hole, or be rushed from behind by a couple. Furthermore, I understand that a lot of wear and tear can happen from the volume of players, but there were a lot of spots that needed updating on the greens such as ripped turf that would catch my club or prevent the ball from settling properly at the beginning.Overall, great place to mini golf. If they repaired some of the greens and addressed group spacing it would be an amazing place.

Jesus L.

Mini golf is always a fun experience!Went to Tiki Town Adventure Golf with my significant other and we had a blast. Wish we had more challenging sections as we continued to advance. However, we had a blast and showed me his competitive side ;) The facility was clean and neat. Enjoyed the Christmas music. Good selection with the Sia Christmas songs! It’s very affordable as well $10 per person.

Alva C.

So much fun! It’s pretty small but really adorable. The issue arises as others said that too many people end up cramming in together and you have a wait for a hole but honestly I don’t see that as an issue. If you’re going on a date or even to hang out with friends you would have this course done in 15 mins. This way you get to chat and hang out before waiting for the next hole.Really great time and for $10 you couldn’t ask for anything more!

Veronica M.

Great place to spend quality time! Took the kids and they loved it! Super fun! And not too bad price wise. Since we went as a family! Would definitely return!

Cuesta L.

Workers are very nice, the place itself is clean. Always have a great time when I come. Also very affordable unlike some other places 10/10 would recommend

Agnes S.

Of course my fiance finds a mini golf course that’s tiki-themed! LOL. What a dork. This place definitely fits the bill of being tiki being tropically decorated with tiki statues sparsely placed throughout the course. The kids running the area were cool, so nothing to complain about. The course, itself, is easy, even for first-time mini golfers. It can be one of those outings that could feel rushed though – groups waiting behind you for their turn on whatever number you’re on. No biggie. Just remember that the max amount of times to get a ball into the hole is 6.

Spencer T.

It’s an 18 hole course but pretty small. Cost $10 per person. Fun way to kill thirty minutes but definitely better and cheaper courses around.

Tony L.

Fun little mini-golf course, just a bit busy and a few bottlenecks where people waiting start building up and sometimes there’s not much room to stand when trying to stay off the green. They have a fun jungle theme going on. Clubs weren’t in too terrible of shape.On the 18th hole, if you make a hole in one, you get a gift card to the arcade! I think they said it was a $5 one, but when I made a hole in one, it had $25 loaded on there! Not sure if fluke or not, but pleasantly surprised!Will come back again at some point if I’m feeling like some mini golf.

Brandon J.

Pros: Fun 18 hole mini-golf, cool theming Cons: A bit worn, groups spaced closeDetails: We stopped by here on a Friday evening with a group of four. I enjoyed the course and the theming was great. There were a few places that needed repairs but that is fairly typical for mini-golf. One annoying thing is there was no spacing between groups so we were constantly rushed by the group of two behind us (they had two behind them as well). But I would go back and the staff was nice.

Alondra D.

A fun little activity, took a group of 3 around 30 minutes. Course was well kept, entertaining, and just the right size. Did have to go back 3 separate times (on a Wednesday) since they were at maximum capacity during much of the daytime. I would recommend going in the later evening since they close later.

Kris K.

My son loves mini golf. Even though it seemed there couldn’t be enough room for 18 holes it was a cute course. It’s a great option if your kids don’t like carnival rides. We had a fun time here.

Vincent C.

I came here because I heard about the mini golf so I had to check it out. I had a lot of fun here and I know I would compared to Boomers. The course was very well maintained and everything was nice and neat. I was expecting this place to be jammed packed with kids but it wasn’t. This course is an indoor outdoor course which is great and there’s a nice breeze from the beach. The prices are about 8 bucks which I thought was a deal. There are some holes that are really hard but fun too.For the price this is a great spot and after you’re done you can have a Dole whip next door.

Colin A.

It was fun to find this mini golf course in Belmont Park. We were in from Chicago and looking for something to do other than another brewery – we thought how about this for some good clean fun! Overall a solid set up, 3 stars because it’s clearly aging and hasn’t been maintained well. Could use a new coat of paint, fixing the tees, etc. that said, we had a good time.

Estefania C.

Very intricate and complicated game of mini golf. I liked how it was pretty lonely so no one behind us trying to catch up. Playing with 2 kids is hard they do not follow the rules and we all are really bad at it. Love the decoration of each hole. We kind of got frustrated though. Not really a game for us to play. On the other hand someone with us was having a blast. I wish someone made it in the last hole in the middle it causes the volcano to erupt and you get a free gift card. Very interesting day.

Joshua B.

This was an adventure from start to finish as my friends and I played this course at night. You see nice lights, a cool jungle theme and c’mon, its mini golf so its bound to be fun!

Maria E.

We had a 2 for 1 coupon, so this place wound up being pretty cheap, only $4.50 each. The tiki theme is cool, it’s very tropical with bamboo huts, statues, a crashed airplane, etc. My main complaint is the crowds, there’s a bit of a wait at each hole, but we kind of expected that because it’s in the middle of Belmont park. The best part was at the end when my boyfriend got a hole in one. The volcano exploded and we were handed a $25 arcade gift card. We expected to spend maybe an hour here, but the time we spent at the arcade and walking along the beach, we wound up spending 4 hours.

Lauren E.

Went here with a group. We made it fun for what it was. The space is really small so each hole is like super short distance. We probably won’t go back for the golfing unless we have our nieces and nephews with us. I think it would be a good time for them.

Zsara A.

The only place that I have gone mini golfing is at Boomers. My boyfriend and I had a very spontaneous day and wanted to go mini golf that was not at Boomers. The first place that popped up was this place. PARKING – Tiki Town is in Belmont Park so finding parking took awhile, especially for a Saturday afternoon. We did drive a couple rounds until we finally found parking. I’m not taking any stars off because we already anticipated this since it’s at Belmont Park/Mission BeachATMOSPHERE – The price per person was $9 and there were 18 holes. It took us about an hour-ish to complete it and there were 3-5 groups in front of us. I like how it was indoor/outdoor spaces! The holes are really close together so it can get a little crowded if groups of people are waiting to go. I didn’t mind waiting because the groups before us were little kids. The decorations were so cute!! Overall, this is a fun place to go especially if you’re in the area

Katy R.

One course. It was nice that it had some indoor holes to play, to escape the heat. The atmosphere was cute. The holes were really easy, it went fast for $9 each.

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