Q & A: Restaurant Week 101

Story and Artwork by Lauren N. Colie

Shafer Bird asked Events Manager Christy Dalton of FeedMore about Richmond’s Restaurant Week. This week (April 22 – 28) more than 30 local restaurants will offer three-course dinner specials for $25.13, a portion of which will go to support FeedMore’s community programs.

Q.What is the origin of Restaurant Week in Richmond?
A.Eleven years ago Acacia’s Aline Reitzer founded Richmond Restaurant Week when she found herself inundated with donation requests. Turning Richmond Restaurant Week into a win-win, she modeled it after Restaurant Weeks in New York and other cities with the addition of the charitable component. The Central Virginia Food Bank and Meals on Wheels were natural partners [of Restaurant Week] from the beginning because their interest in food aligns closely with the restaurant industry.

Q. How does FeedMore benefit?
A.FeedMore receives $2.13 from each meal sold during Restaurant Week. This has resulted in over $130,000 being donated from Restaurant Week restaurants to FeedMore.

Q. Where will the money go? Who will it help?
A.FeedMore serves neighbors across Central Virginia’s 31 counties and five cities, spanning nearly one-third of the state. Through partnerships with business, faith-based, non-profit, public, and other organizations, FeedMore offers comprehensive hunger solutions that target our region’s most vulnerable neighbors: children, families and seniors. From our Distribution Center that provided food for 15 million meals last year, the Hunger Hotline that connects people to nearby pantries, to our Meals on Wheels home deliveries, FeedMore’s multi-tiered approach to hunger relief targets the many gaps in our region. This year alone, we anticipate historic increases, including:

  • 900,000 meals provided to children (20 perecent rise since last year)
  • Over 20 million pounds of food distributed
  • 1,800 elderly and disabled adults receiving daily meals

Q. Why Restaurant Week?
A.This event was started by the restaurant industry; we are solely the beneficiary of their generosity.

Q.What’s your main goal for Restaurant Week?
A.We want to raise funds and awareness.

Q.What would you say to anyone who hasn’t tried the Restaurant Week deals before?
A.Restaurant Week is a great way to try out new restaurants and sample their menus. To eat a three course meal
at most of these restaurants for $25.13 is a great value and you are supporting a wonderful cause.

Q.Where can we find more information?
A.Check out our websites:FeedMoreandRestaurant Week.

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