Duo Serves Up Candied Nuts and S’mores; Food Cart-Style

Words and Photos by Azam Malik

It is the darkest of nights. Sirens shrieking from every corner. Cold winds biting at uncovered skin. Where, oh where can safe refuge be found? Perhaps the answer to that question lies with Super Fresh Carts’ gourmet homemade s’mores and candied nuts, one of the newer and more eccentric additions to the Richmond food cart fraternity.

Most nights Super Fresh Carts can be found at the intersection of Franklin and Laurel Streets, Super Fresh Carts have mapped out their business model as follows: whatever the other guys are doing, we’re going to do different. And so far, this has seemed to work for them. From operating at times when most other vendors would be planning their offerings for the next day to handing free samples to any passersby, all of the decisions made by partners Daniel Graff and Kris Brooks have worked out in their favor. Aside from a few early run-ins with the ever vigilant VCU Police, it has all been smooth sailing for the pair and their homemade offerings.

This isn’t simply a passing interest for Graff and Brooks (they also go by DK, Donkey Kong for those not in the know) however. They are in this for the long run, even going so far as planning and developing their next line of homemade goodies (grilled cheese and snow cones!) for the upcoming seasons. As Brooks explained, “this is what we want to do.” They have fully devoted themselves to the business and lifestyle of running a food cart in Richmond. “It isn’t easy, but we hustle,” says Graff. And you have to respect the hustle.

Super Fresh Carts can be found at the corner of Franklin and Laurel Streets just outside the entrance to Johnson Hall. They are usually open between 8 p.m. and 12 p.m.

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