Where to Go for Bacon and Eggs at Midnight in RVA

By Austin Walker

We’ve all been there. Although society has constructed this idea that banana pancakes at one in the morning is an issue, your stomach doesn’t always follow the rules. To satisfy that maple bacon and omelette craving that strikes you while the city is sleeping, look no further than these late-night spots.

1.Galaxy Diner

Open from 11:00am – 2:00am.
Located at 3109 W Cary St.
Description: Skipping the worst part about breakfast, waking up at sunrise to eat it, Galaxy Diner offers a planetary dining experience. Some of their “Interplanetary Breakfast” options include the Final Frontier Omelette, with three eggs, ham, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese, served with hashbrowns or tots and stewed tomatoes or apples, with a biscuit or toast, for only .99. If you’re not a omelette person, their country fried steak comes with two eggs, and the same sides as before for .99 again. For what is practically a dessert, their Black Hole Pancakes have an Oreo cooked into the center. Tons of unique options, each coming with tons of food, you’ll satisfy your breakfast cravings late at night.

2. The Village Cafe

Open from 8:30am to 2:00am
Located at 1001 W. Grace St.
The classic college dive-bar, noisy and cheap. In terms of breakfast selection, they’re not the absolute best, but what they do offer is pretty delicious. The banana pancakes are divine, as well the coconut chip and California ones. For something heartier, the broccoli and cheddar or California Omelettes come with hash browns, grits, or fried apples and toast for only .00 and .50 respectively. You’re bound to see your fair share of VCU characters milling about. Also, if you’re into it, try the milkshakes. They’re killer.

3. Waffle House

Open 24/7
Located at 1309 W. Broad St.
Description: If you haven’t had the pleasure of going into this Waffle House I’d recommend it. All of them are mostly the same, but this one is one of the cleaner ones which I’ve been to. The signature waffle is a little over , and pairs nicely with the hash browns that are made-to-order. The place gets a bad rep, but they make all the food fresh and the sandwiches aren’t half bad. Toast comes included with nearly everything, and with a bill you can fill up. The biggest drawback is the coffee, which has a 50/50 shot at tasting like dirt.

4. 3rd Street Diner

Open 24/7
Located at 218 E. Main St.
Description: Richmond Magazine once called it the “Best Late Night Diner,” 3rd St. offers breakfast twenty-four hours a day. For a cheap bite at only .95, you should definitely try their Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich, served on toast, English muffin, or a biscuit, with home fries, grits, or fried apples. If you’re feeling adventurous, their Greek Omelette comes with feta cheese, grilled lamb, and onion. As with any 24-hour diner, the food at 3am isn’t going to taste as great as the food at 9am. If you’re eating at this cozy little place, with it’s cigarette vending machine and fully stocked bar, at 3 o’clock in the morning, the convenience probably takes priority.

5.IHOP Express

Open from 7am-1am M-W, 7am-3am Thurs.-Sun.
Located at 815 W. Grace St.
Description: It had to go on the list for the students with the meal plan, but that’s pretty much the only reason why. You’ll wind up waiting 15 minutes for your “express” food to somehow come out cold. The omelettes are unsatisfying, and there’s no swipe options that don’t have meat in them except for the french toast. The coffee is always old, it seems, and the yogurt parfaits have so much sugar in them they’re nearly inedible. The french toast is adequate, however, and the pancakes are just like any other IHOP’s pancakes except just slightly more disappointing.

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